Jaffa Limestone products bring to our living spaces warmth and natural harmony. Whether used to create paved outdoor spaces, retaining walls, fencing pillars or as a feature wall of a building, our products always create a point of interest and special attraction.

Jaffa Limestone manufactures all of its products at Cape Jaffa in the Southeast of SA using limestone from the Limestone Coast, famous for its quality wines, seafood and fabulous coastline. Bring some country into your home with Jaffa Limestone naturally better.

Retaining wall blocks can be either mortared to create a solid retaining wall structure or dry stacked in landscaped environments, ask us about the supply and installation costs.

Product Guide

Jaffa Limestone Products

A – Heavy Duty Wall Stone (1000x500x350)
B – Normal Duty Wall Stone (1000x350x350)
C – Capping Stone (1000x350x350)
D – Wall Stone (500x240x110)
E – Paving Stone (500x350x110)

Concrete Sleepers

We also supply concrete sleepers which are easy to install and long lasting. These versatile and attractive products will complement any garden design – from zen garden landscaping to the classic Australian home. The only limit is your imagination. If you need ideas for your garden we can refer you to our experienced tradesperson who can assist with your garden architecture, retaining wall design and concrete wall construction. There are a wide variety of patterns and colours available – something to suit every home and style.

Retaining wall blocks

Retaining wall blocks are a dry stacked retaining wall system and are available in a medium and large-face size, with a rock-face texture that emulates natural sandstone colours.


Gabion Structures

RhinoWeld Welded Mesh Gabions are ideal for architectural applications such as retaining structures, feature wall claddings, sound walls, landscape features and many other applications that require the beauty of natural rock structures with the strength of the steel cage.

RhinoWeld Gabions are available in a range of sizes. All wire conforms to international standards for tensile strength and tolerances and are manufactured to ISO9001 accreditations. The wire is coated in either a heavy zinc or Galfan protection that meets the international standards for both consistency and quality of such coatings. If required, we can additionally coat the product with organic PVC for extra protection, in a range of colours.


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