We stock a wide variety of bagged products for when you only need a small amount to get the job done.

  • Cement
    Used by the  building industry, in concrete, mortar and renders.
  • Speed set / Rapid set
    Suitable for fence posts, small jobs requireing a quick finish, simply add water no mixing required.
  • Concrete mix
    A well proportioned mix suitable for paths, small sheds, small concrete projects.
  • Mortar mix
    Ideal for most general applications, motar below damp course, general purpose grouting, bedding roof.
  • Render mix
    Adhesive style cement used for rendering, patching masonary blocks, clay bricks and stonework.
  • Lime
    Used predominately in mortar for plastering but is ideal in the garden to change the acidity of soils.
  • Pavelok
    Selected sand and gelling agents suitable for paving blocks and bricks, use in driveways, footpaths and areas subject to heavy traffic.
  • Dried sand
    Ideal for paving work , sand pits and in concrete mixes.
  • Pea Straw
    Bales of pea straw suitable for all garden applications, ideal to retain water around plants and as a mulch.

All Jeffries products are now available in bags

Other items may also be available by the bag, just contact us to find out.

If you have any questions or need advice, our friendly staff are waiting to take your call 8296 5122